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* Note that if you use the "Custom Events" feature, then these count towards your billable monthly pageviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Page Insight Analytics?

Page Insight Analytics is an open source web analytics platform. It provides detailed reports on your website and its visitors, including the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, which pages they like, the devices they use and so much more. Page Insight Analytics aims to be a privacy friendly alternative to Google Analytics. After signing up, you are given a javascript tag. Simply copy and paste this tag on websites you wish to track.

How is Page Insight Analytics different to Google Analytics and other web analytics tools?

Page Insight Analtyics is being used by more and more people all over the world because of it's simplicity and focus on privacy and data protection. One of the principle advantages of Page Insight Analytics is that you are in control. Unlike other services (such as Google Analytics, Webtrends or Adobe Analytics) you have absolute control of how you use your data. There is no sampling. Page Insight Analytics will create reports based on all of your data and will not filter out some.

How does Page Insight Analytics work?

Page Insight Analytics provides a remote-based analytics solution with the script hosted and served from our servers to your application. After signing up, you are given a javascript tag. Simply copy and paste this tag on websites you wish to track. Page Insight Analytics aggregates this data to provide detailed web analytics reports about your visitors, page views, referrer information, search engine keywords, Ecommerce, campaigns and much more.

Is there an online demo available?

You’ll find a live demonstration of all the features of Page Insight Analytics on the Page Insight Analytics public analytics page at Once you have viewed our demo, further information is available on this page. If there are any further questions please get in touch with our support team.

Can I use the same plan to track several websites, domains and multiple subdomains in Page Insight Analytics?

You can add unlimited websites to track in Page Insight Analtyics dashboard. In fact, Page Insight Analytics scales well to thousands of websites, and a few Page Insight Analytics users are tracking even more. Each Website is defined by a URL. You can track sub domains in the same website, or you can create a different website for some of your subdomains.

How do I define and track Goal conversions?

You can add unlimited number of Goals to track in Page Insight Analytics (newsletter subscription, file download, ‘thank you’ page, etc.).

How does Page Insight Analtyics ensure Privacy of my Analytics data, and Privacy of my website Visitors?

Page Insight Analytics is the ideal Web Analytics software that respects Privacy, thanks to its open software nature and useful Privacy settings, setting it apart from other commercial tools such as Google analytics. Page Insight Analytics does not track visitor IPs, no cookies and it does not track your visitors across the internet.

Why is'nt Page Insight Analytics free like Google Analytics?

If you aren't paying for a product, you are the product. That's why Google Analytics is free, because they make enough money off the personal data their customers give them by using their analytics service. We charge a small and sustainable fee for Page Insight Analytics because our business model is selling software, not data (these are very different business models). Our customers gladly pay for our service because they know their data is safe with us and their visitors' privacy is protected. As a profitable business, we're in this for the long haul.

Why should I care about my data privacy? I don't have anything to hide.

You may think that digital privacy doesn’t matter because you have nothing to hide. And that may be true (to some extent), but your data shouldn’t be monetized and sold by giant tech companies who are taking your tastes and preferences and selling them to advertisers (including companies like Cambridge Analytica). These companies are following you around the internet, keeping track of what you do, and then using that knowledge to sell you things or manipulate your thoughts. By using Page Insight Analytics, you are making your website a black hole to big tech, meaning they cannot track any data about individuals who visit your website.

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